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EZ Body Natural

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E-Z BodyTubing Natural Mini, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and Mega

E-Z Body is a round woven tubing that can expand and contract and is hollow inside.

Saltwater and Freshwater file tiers have this in their arsenal of must have products. It takes markers well and can be coated with epoxy, silicone or other adhesives.

We use a few hundred feet of E-Z Body every year in our tying operation. It is a material we can not be without.
All E-Z Body comes in 36″ lengths except the X-Large and MEGA ┬áis 24″ long.

  • Mini – 3/32″ diameter (3 ft of tubing)
  • Small – 1/8″ diameter (3 ft of tubing)
  • Medium – 3/16″ diameter (3 ft of tubing)
  • Large – 1/4″ diameter (3 ft of tubing)
  • Extra Large – 1/2″ diameter (2 ft of tubing)
  • MEGA – Says 3/4″ more like 1″(2ft of tubing)

E-Z BODY Products has been the leader in fly tying tubing since 1989 and continue to set the standard by which other tubings are judged. Since then, E-Z Body has become the #1 choice of fly tyers around the world. Contemporary fly designers use our products to help them create many of today’s most effective and popular fly patterns. We also specially manufacture just about any color, size, or weave combination that our customers may require. We know modern fly tyers expect only the best from their material, and as a result we are passionate about producing the finest fly tying tubing and Body Braids for all contemporary fly tyers.

At E-Z Body Products we believe in keeping American jobs right here in America. As a result, all E-Z BODY Products are exclusively produced right here in the good old USA. E-Z Body Products is the largest producer of woven tubing and flat woven mylar braid’s designed specifically for fly tying applications worldwide. We manufacture fly tying tubing in a wide size and color range for both retail and wholesale clients around the globe. Our high level of quality control ensures a consistently engineered product that continues to lead the fly tying industry. Our experienced design team and high quality standards ensure that your tubing designs will be made to your exact specifications, guaranteed.

Please note, if you order more than 1 of a size or we run out of the retail packs for that size, will/may fill the order from our bulk spools.

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Mini, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, Mega