Quality Bucktails, Materials and Flies In Your Hands

Welcome to BuzFly

Our goal is to provide you with Quality Bucktails, Flies and Materials at a reasonable price.

The New Website is up and running.  We will be making changes for the next few weeks.  The New Website has a clean look and should make your shipping experiance a great one.  If you find something that does not work or are looking for something that we do not have on line just send us an Email.  

Bucktail are starting to come in every week and show season is around the corner.  Please stop at my Table and introduce yourself.   

Fly Tyer Summer 2014Fly Tyier
Summer 2014



We will ship your order once its has been filled.  We receive products once a week and should be able to ship most oreders in 5-7 days.  Flies, Tails and Teasers are all tied to order.

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