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Spun Dubbing Brush Flly

The Spun Dubbing Brush Fly is a simple, effective and quick fly to make using a Dubbing Brush made out of Big Body Fibers and Angle Hair. This fly has been proven very affective on many saltwater and freshwater species from Stripped Bass, Sharks, Snook to Bass and Pike. The fly is very simple to make and durable because it uses as Dubbing Brush that has wire for its base. Using a dubbing brush machine, you can spin just about anything ranging from traditional dubbing and accent flash creating 1/4" round brush to spinning Synthetics and evan natural materials like Bucktail resulting in brushes over 4" in diameter. Your options are almost limitless.

Buzzi Named President of The Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders PDF Print E-mail

At the January 2012 meeting of The Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders, I was named Club President for the 2012-2013 Term.  It is an honer and privilege to be elected to this position and follow in the footstep of so many dedicated and talented people.  The past President, Joe Carey, has left me a Club that has kept on moving forward and is in fantastic shape.  It was his hard work that was responsible for the resurrection of our web site, www.ASWF.info, the implementation of the Capital One Credit Card Program, utilizing Klees' Bar and Grill for our Bi-Anual Get Togethers and expanding the Clothing Sales to name a few.  It was a pleasure serving as his Vise-Presidend for the past four years.  Joe is always the first to pitch in and help when the club needed it.  I have a very big set of shoes to fill and a big responsibility of keeping the Club moving forward.  Since I joined ASWF in the mid 90's I have alway been thankful to all the people that took their time to show me and others about the sport.  This list includes people like Bob P., Steve F., Reggie R., Dave D., Lee S., Bill B., Gerry F., Pete V. and so many others that have come and gone over the years. It was instilled in me that sharing what you have done with others is what the purpose of the club is and that is how the club and individuals grow.

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Well it has been a long time coming.  The new site is up and running.  With a lot of work and time we are finally moving forward to something new.   Over the next few months we will be adding more articles, videos, how-to's and more products to the store.  Besides offering quality materials and flies, we are hoping that BuzFly will be a resource to all fly tiers and fly fishermen.

It will be slow goings at first as we get all the kinks worked out of the site and filling orders.  I will be ordering products as they are ordered because I can not afford to keep all the products in stock at this time.  I am trying to ship orders 5-7 days after I receive them.  I am hoping to decrease the shipping time to 2-3 days in the future.  I will be tying all flies to order and should be able to ship them withing 3-4 days of receiving your order.

I would like to thank everyone who made this possible and all my friends and clients that have supported me since I formed BuzFly in 2004.  Since it's launch, my goal was to get quality materials into the hands of fly tiers and develop materials and techniques to make tying fun and enjoyable.  I was also obsessed with trying to simplify and stream line my fly tying and taking the silliness out of what I do.   So if you look at my Videos, you will see that they are very straight forward and to the point.  Please make suggestions and honest comments on the site and the things I do.  Continued evolution is a necessity if we are to evolve at fly tiers, fly fishermen and individuals.  Thanks for your time and hope you like it.


Remember to support your local clubs and teach others what you have done and not just read.

Taming Angel Hair PDF Print E-mail

Angel Hair is a soft thin metallic material that is used for accent flash or even to construct an entire fly. The material comes in over 50 colors in small clear plastic bags that contain a hank of material secured in the middle with a Zip-Tie. Angel Hair can add a lot of flash with very little bulk and weight.  You can also purchase Angle Hair in bulk packages with out the Zip-Tie.  Over the past few years companies had been modifying Angel Hair by changing the base material, the length of the fibers ranging from 4" to 10" and also changing the thickness and width of the fibers.  Some of the fibers will snap cleanly when snapped while others will stretch and curl.  I prefer the fibers that snap when pulled apart.

Shows 2011/2012 PDF Print E-mail

Here is a list of the Shows I will be attending:

  • The Fly Fishing Show - Marlborough, MA January 20, 21, 22 2012 Royal Plaza
  • The Fly Fishing Show - Somerset, NJ January 27, 28, 29 2012 Garden State Convention Center
  • The Fly Fishing Show - Raleigh, North Carolina February 11, 12 2012 NC State Fairgrounds
  • The Fly Fishing Show - Lancaster, Pennsylvania February 18, 19 2012 Lancaster County Convention Center
  • Tiefest 2012 - February 25th Kent Narrows, MD
  • Bears Den - Regretfuly I will not be able to make this event due to a scheduling conflict

Please stop in and say hello, it is always good to put a face to the name.  If you are going to attend any of the shows and need anything, please let me know in advance and I will trying to bring it with me.

Looking forward to another few months of being on the road.


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